You can have your own green courtyard, an expansive view of Vitosha Mountain, the murmur of a river and an outdoor pool with thermal water without leaving Sofia!
    Just a stone's throw away from Bells Park, Ozarenie residential complex offers an environment that is beneficial to both man and nature, as it organically blends in with nature, stimulating and enriching it with care.
    The materials are natural and non-toxic, which improves the quality of life, helps reduce carbon emissions and contributes to a healthy living environment.
  • The gated community complex consists of 10 detached eco-houses in rustic and neo-rustic style with elements of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture, with facades of natural stone and wood. In order to provide a higher percentage of landscaping and to create more recreational and children's areas, the plans provide for the removal of vehicular access to the periphery of the complex, as well as underground parking.
    OZARENIE residential complex is for those who love the greenery and for those who want more personal space and contact with nature.
  • The complex has an outdoor swimming pool with thermal water, children's play areas, an outdoor gym, a park with a variety of trees, a noise barrier made of natural stone and glass, high-quality heat pumps and "Smart Flower" photovoltaic devices to reduce energy costs, as well as a picturesque Orthodox chapel.