For 27 years ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD has created buildings and followers. Equally proud of both accomplishments. Instead of the cliché “young and dynamic team”, preferred is the definition “responsible and efficient”. And certainly young in spirit, because there is no creativity without enthusiasm. The backbone of the construction team are the people who already at the time of 1993 believed in the new company, in its commitment to build on criteria far more stringent that those of the clients. Here come the professionals ready to build in talent and knowledge, experience and audacity into the mission “ARTEKS”: architecture which refines the city and inspires its residents.

Eng. Danail Zhelyazkov, the Chief Engineer of ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD: “Whatever I do, no matter how many thousand square meters I have to build, I want to do it with you – my colleagues from ARTEKS!”

Architect Plamen Miryanov: “A home that rises in the eyes of the owner every day – this is something as a slogan to us. The things we do – not only to be apparently nice, but to also have an intrinsic value, which will be gradually perceived. In the same time, I see how with the growth of every building, grows the ambition of our team to be the best.”

Architect Plamen Plamenov Miryanov: “I design Arteks buildings. Together with my co-workers we give the concept, names, the whole vision and symbols that are integrated. Every drawing, every rope–moulding has its message and creates harmony, balance and positive vibrations in the complex. For instance, in our latest project “LETERA”, the house of letters, my mission is to preserve the first Bulgarian alphabet - the Glagolhic alphabet. That is why we engraved huge letters on the façade, because I haven`t seen it anywhere else, only engraved on the Kiril and Metodi monument, and it is engraved with small letters there. In Diamond Building we have made an interesting processing of the façade, so that it looks like facets of a diamond. The “Stella BOYANA” logo is a 16-rays star, which is a strong positive symbol for harmony, peace and love. Every building we create has its own philosophy and message. I think architecture is a source of health, family happiness and it should follow the Feng Shui principles of creating harmony. I mean it shouldn`t have sharp edges and intention between shapes. For the next buildings it is better when the façade is rounded and there aren`t the so called in Feng Shiu “sharp, poisonous arrows” which creates aggression. When a person stands on the corner of a room it reduces his energy. That is the reason why children are punished there."

Architect Vessela Miryanova: "We, the team of ARTEKS, create a corrective for quality. All companies match us. Our - to the whole team - the greatest and most glorious masterpiece is to build, live and work honestly, following the God's laws and rules."

We are "A city set on a hill" (a Bible quote).

  • Arch. Plamen Miryanov Arch. Plamen Pl. Miryanov


  • Arch. Vesela Miryanova Managing Director

  • Eng. Danail Zhelyazkov Managing Director

  • Miroslava Dimova - Financial director Arch. Arch. Vesela and Plamen Miryanovi

  • Eng. Dimov, Eng. Zhelyazkov, Eng. Georgiev Chief Engineer

  • Eng. Mesut Kozumali Sales Department

  • Eng. Cvetoslava Stoyanova Lilly and Vesela Miryanovi