I remember a friend of mine from Cuba – Omar Jorge Rodriguez Lucio Jose Ramirez Erasable... ‘These are my ancestors six generations back’, he proudly said to me and was ready to tell stories about each of them. And it is so in Spain, Portugal and throughout Latin America. If we go to the other side of the world – in China, Japan, Korea and throughout Indochina, in every home, hotel or even a restaurant you will be welcomed in the hall by the Altar of Ancestors, where the names of all men of kin and members of their families are inscribed with calligraphic letters on wooden tables. ‘Most important to us is peace, love, understanding and continuity between generations. If there is filial reverence and patronymic respect for children, the emperor could rule the country with dropped sleeves’, Professor Tu, Director of the Institute of Folklore and Ethnography in Vietnam, told me. And he did not reveal anything new to me, but simply quoted the sage Confucius, who lived in the Celestial Empire VI centuries BC...

    Most Bulgarian families carefully compile and proudly ‘grow’ their Family Tree. And although we are a nation that has experienced many troubled and volatile times, it is precisely our family memory that has preserved us through the centuries on that stormy crossroad – the Balkans. That is why all of us in Arteks design and construct buildings, where you can find your earthly home, which houses and collects under one roof strong and healthy families, who are nurtured with peace and love and who cherish family traditions and multiply the solid capital of their kin for generations.
    Ivan А. Todorov

    Jerusalem building is situated at a prestigious place, a top location that can be reached along wide and bright boulevards (the first sign of luxury). The panoramic glass surfaces relieve the sense of burden and create a sense of ease, airiness and harmony.The special details on the façade aim to impress, while making the building unique in its design. The exceptional architectural flair of the architects of ARTEKS has again created an amazing building that fits into its environment and at the same time is distinguished by its unique architecture and finesse.